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An “accident” is any life-altering, life-interrupting event that causes bodily injury or property damage arising out to the ownership, maintenance or use of an automobile.  While the term is commonly applied, it’s inaccurate. It presumes the incident happened without any fault: no one either caused or contributed to it. At MUNROE, P.C. we do not represent individuals who were in accidents; we represent people harmed in motor vehicle collisions. People like you.

We Believe that Cases Need Not Be Substantial to have Substance to Us, and Significance to You.

 Most motor vehicle collisions do not involve catastrophic impact or injury. Most collisions are experienced where the difference in velocity between the two vehicles is less than 10 miles per hour resulting in damage to a vehicle that is less than 10 miles per hour. Many believe that unless there is significant damage to the vehicles, there can be no injury; a common misconception. The Insurance industry says that injury is unlikely to an operator or occupant in a vehicle that sustains less than $1,000.00 in property damage.

Referred to as M.I.S.T. cases –or the minor impact, soft tissue–occupants frequently experience ”whiplash” from flexion/extension injuries to the connective tissue their back, neck, and shoulders the indications of which may or may not appear on an X-Ray or MRI. It may affect your ability to sit or stand for long periods, whiplash becomes significant if you work in an office, drive a truck, cook in a restaurant for example. You may have trouble sleeping, or unable to bend and lift up your children, or walk upstairs. At MUNROE, P.C. we know that whiplash is a legitimate issue for people affected by motor vehicle collisions. We know that it does not need to show on an x-ray, to show up in your life.

If you have been hurt in motor vehicle crash or collision, and want to know what options you have and what relief is available, call the Attorneys at MUNROE, PC., at (978) 388-1100 today for a free consultation.

An Amesbury- Based Car Accident Lawyer Helping Individuals Recover for Car Accident Related Injuries in Metrowest and on the North Shore

The process of working through a personal injury lawsuit can seem overwhelming, the professionals at Munroe P.C. are here to help. Whether you’re experiencing a life altering disability or temporary impairment due to pain, discomfort and fatigue, the lawyers at Munroe P.C. are committed to fully understanding your personal situation and working to get you the relief you deserve. Even subtle injuries can be significant. You don’t have to suffer alone.

If you are in a car accident you need the right Massachusetts lawyer who will sit down with you, work through what you have just been through, explain your options to you then aggressively fight to get you back on your feet, back to work and on with life.

An Amesbury-Based Car Accident Lawyer is Ready to Meet With you in Our Offices in Amesbury and Hudson.

Take action today!  We can arrange after-hours appointments or meet clients off-site when necessary.  We are determined to provide attorney access to  all of our clients.

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