Why You Need a Lawyer to Help

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Insurance Companies may be quick to offer money following an accident. But if you have not completed treatment, a full picture of the harms and losses is not possible.  Accepting these offers often means medical bills will be left unpaid, lost wages uncompensated and injuries undervalued. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able put together the full picture of your harms and losses so that your decision to accept or reject is fully informed.

We Treat Each Case Like the Only Case

What you do when after you are injured is as significant as the facts and circumstances that caused it. Getting immediate medical treatment and consulting the right attorney is incredibly important. With proper medical and legal help you will be able to make informed decisions and understand how your decisions today affect the results tomorrow. For our clients, we strive to ensure that they have direct access to us and they know what is going on with their case each and every step of the way.

With each new case, we conduct an extensive and thorough intake to the story behind your injuries, to discuss the client’s background, prior medical history, and the expectations with medical treatment and the client’s expectations for their case.

Time and care is spent investigating each case. Generally this entails going out to the scene, speaking with witnesses, reviewing the records, speaking with medical providers, assessing liability all in order to gain a full picture of what happened the damages and the options available.

Once medical treatment has concluded and the medical records compiled, we begin negotiating with the responsible parties, companies. We work with your medical providers to arrange to have your medical bills paid. Most matters will resolve at this stage short of the need for litigation, the time, expense and frustration that goes with it. Where necessary we file suit in order to make the responsible parties take responsibility

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