The Right Attorney Saves You Time and Money

As a landlord, renting to a tenant is no longer as simple as collecting a check and passing the keys. Massachusetts laws have evolved into a tangled web of special protections for tenants. Innocent and well-intentioned mistakes can-and often do- result in either a Landlord facing heavy monetary damages and attorneys fees OR a tenants refusing to leave or not having to leave despite your best efforts. The experience often leaves the unsuspecting Landlord throwing up his or her hands.

Evictions generally come in three flavors. Non-Payment, For-Cause, or No-Fault. Whether it is a non-payment of rent situation, a conditions issue, or one where the tenant will not abide by the lease that he or she signed, it essential that you arm yourself with an attorney who knows the law, will evaluate the facts and issues and advocate for what you want: Someone who will respect your property and investment while paying the rents they promised to pay.

The eviction process is a regimented legal process with traps along the way. It does not matter if it is for non-payment of rent, tenants destroying the property, or tenants disturbing other tenants -save yourself money and let a professional do it for you.

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