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The law states that when a landlord accepts rent, he or she warrants and covenants certain things to you. Your landlord has promised, whether expressly or implicitly, that dwelling you are paying good money for will not endanger the health, safety, or well-being of you or your family. Additionally, that Landlord implicitly guarantees to you that he or she will not act or fail to act in such a way that your right to live peaceably is affected or the nature and character of your apartment is significantly impaired.

You have the right to live in your apartment free from unreasonable intrusions or conditions that will endanger you or your families’ health safety or mental well-being. While this is a contractual arrangement, the law will require your landlord to treat you with dignity, respect and due care.

Whether it’s a concern about the handling of the security deposit, accumulation of mold, defective locks, trouble with neighbors, insufficient utilities (heat, hot water electricity) the law is there to protect you and so are we.

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