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Looking for a Newburyport Bankruptcy Lawyer?  Look Across the River for the Firm that Focuses on Consumers!  

Munroe PC.’s practice is overwhelmingly consumer based.  Our bankruptcy practice is core to our business.  We are ready to not only help you reduce or eliminate your debts, we are ready to aggressively pursue your creditors and make them pay for harassing you and the other illegal actions they may have taken. Munroe PC. will put on the gloves and stand in the corner for you.  We are passionate about representing debtors in bankruptcy, we want to be your Newburyport Bankruptcy Lawyer, and we want to help you.

Debt Solutions and Peace of Mind through a Bankruptcy Lawyer for the Greater Newburyport Area

Bankruptcy does not instantly solve all your money problems. However, it does offer immediate protection from creditors and it can be the fresh financial start you need to get your life back.

If you are overwhelmed by debts and are no longer able to keep creditors at bay, Munroe PC. can help. True debt relief and peace of mind may be just a phone call away.

Get the Facts About Bankruptcy by Calling (978) 388-1100

    • Bankruptcy CAN stop foreclosure or repossession.
    • Bankruptcy CAN prevent wage garnishment.
    • Bankruptcy CAN end the creditor harassment.
    • Bankruptcy DOES NOT mean you will lose everything.
    • Bankruptcy DOES NOT mean your debt problems will be paraded in public.
    • Bankruptcy DOES NOT ruin your credit score or ability to borrow in the future.

We are not a “turn and burn” bankruptcy mill that takes a cookie cutter approach. Attorney Kristofer Munroe personally sits down with you to examine your finances and determine if you should file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy — or if bankruptcy is not necessary. We work hard to ensure you keep as much property as possible and eliminate as much debt as possible.

Confidential Personal Service from a Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving Newburyport are Affordable for You

We handle bankruptcy cases every day, but we realize that filing for debt relief may be intimidating or embarrassing for you. We take the time to answer all your questions about bankruptcy so that you have fewer anxieties and no surprises.  At Munroe P.C. you will be guided through the bankruptcy process by a Newburyport bankruptcy lawyer and not a paralegal.

Don’t let Creditors and Debts Ruin Your Life!

Take action today! Call us at 978-388-1100 for a free 20-minute consultation, or contact us online. We can arrange after-hours appointments or meet clients off-site when necessary in the Greater Newburyport area.  We are determined to provide attorney access to  all of our clients.

Too Busy to Meet Right Now? You can Have Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer Review Your Situation Online

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We are a federally recognized debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.