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Our healthcare and life science lawyers have experience representing businesses in the medical device industry as outside counsel for complex matters and outside general counsel for some of the day-to-day challenges that face healthcare and life science companies.  We have helped our clients work with large medical device and pharmaceutical companies, the Federal Government, and businesses around the world.  We have led projects involving risk management, compliance planning, business planning, patient advocacy.

The Practice of Law Does Not Equal the Practice of Health Law

The practice of law in the healthcare and life science industries is far different from its practice in most other industries.  While nearly all businesses need to plan for interaction with government, most health care and life science companies interact directly with the government in a mission-critical way every day.  The stakes are high.  Missteps for healthcare and life science companies can come with huge fines and criminal penalties. The pressure on investigators to wring out large settlements and judgments is growing each year.  For managers and shareholders, this means that the failure to address early mistakes can effect long-term enterprise value and impede access to investment channels.  Healthcare and life science lawyers can save money and reputations.

Navigating through and around Insolvency Related Legal Issues in the Health and Life Science Industry

Our in-house Bankruptcy Practice Group uniquely equips us to help managers and investors face the challenges starting-up and winding-down healthcare related businesses.  In most distressed businesses, great care is taken to balance the rights of debtors and creditors.  In healthcare related businesses, debtor and creditor rights need to be balanced against the needs of the patients to avoid the creation of a public health emergency.


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