Pro bono (Free) and Reduced Fee Lawyers at Munroe P.C.

Committed to Amesbury, Hudson, and all of Massachusetts Through Pro bono Legal Service

Attorney Munroe will dedicate a portion of his week to delivering pro bono and reduced fee services. Pro bono services are “no-fee” and reduced-fee services have a portion of the case set aside as “no-fee.” The need for pro bono services often arises from: long-term unemployment; being on a permanent fixed income; extended unemployment and disability.

If you are in need of free or reduced-fee legal services, we would be happy to talk to you. If we cannot help you, we will help you get in touch with someone who can.

Please fill out the Munroe P.C. contact form and write “pro bono or reduced fee” in the “Comments/Questions section” or call (978)388-1100.

Please be aware that pro bono and reduced-fee legal services are only available to individuals below certain income thresholds.
Not all potential clients really need pro bono legal services

Many types of cases are possible for a firm to take on a contingent fee basis. Contingent fee means the attorney gets paid out of the proceeds of the case or by attorney fees awarded by a court. Examples of this type of case are unfair and deceptive trade practice cases and security deposit cases.
Legal help organizations we work with

The Boston Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project
Essex County Bar Assocation
National Lawyers Guild of Massachusetts
Neighborhood Legal Services
Pro bono Resources

American Bar Association Massachusetts Pro-Bono Listening
Massachusetts Law Library
Bristol County Probate Court Self Help Law Center
A partial list of the towns and cities in Massachusetts where our lawyers have provided reduced fee or pro-bono legal services:

Amesbury, Attleboro, Boston, Bolton, Berlin, Bradford, Clinton, Chelsea, Charlestown, Cambridge, Dorchester, Everett, Fitchburg, Framingham, Georgetown, Haverhill, Hudson, Ipswich, Lowell, Lawrence, Medford, Methuen, Malden, Marlborough, Natick, Newton, Newburyport, North Attleboro, Northborough, Peabody, Plainville, Quincy, Rowley, Salem, Southborough, Tewksbury, Westborough, and Worcester

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